Aquila Power Catamaran Dealer in Canada – Québec & Ontario

Quick Facts about Aquila Catamarans

  1. Aquila Boats first began in 2012 as a partnership between Sino Eagle Group, J&J Design, Seaway, and MarinaMax
  2. The first Aquila power catamaran was the Aquila 48.
  3. Aquila’s are manufactured in Hangzhou City, China at the Sino Eagle shipyard.
  4. The biggest Aquila power catamaran is the Aquila 70.
  5. The smallest Aquila catamaran is the 28 Molokai.
  6. The same designers for Aquila, J&J Design, have also created models for Azimut, Beneteau, Jeanneau, and others.

If you want a cruising boat that has an incredible amount of space, offers great stability at anchor, and is more fuel efficient than the average yacht, the Aquila Boats Power Catamaran series is the best choice. The Aquila model range is expansive, beginning with the 28 Molokai that features outboard power and is equipped with all of the fishing features for the serious angler. The flagship model is the new Aquila 70, a voluminous yacht with extremely long ranges at low cruising speeds, as well as the ability to feature up to 6 cabins on board.

“It’s hard to beat the living space available on a luxury power catamaran,” says Vincent Piétracoup, Director of Marine 360. “Aquila Boats are among the top selling power catamarans in the industry today and with the investments made by Sino Eagle, they are only expanding their offerings. Whether you’re looking to cruise on a power catamarans, or enjoy fishing and boating on the smaller outboard models, there is an exceptional model here for every type of boater.”

Marine 360 is proud to be a dealer for Aquila Boats in eastern Canada including Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, and surrounding areas.

28 Molokai 28 Cuddy 47 Molokai
32 Sport 36 Sport 42 Yacht
44 Yacht 54 Yacht 70 Luxury

The Sino Eagle Group shipyard is impressive, particularly with the recent expansion to a two floor production facility that can continue to handle the increase in orders, while maintaining quality and controlling costs. The shipyard has invested in the latest boat building technology including an expanded CNC precision router to create the perfect shapes, fixed axis routers for producing small parts that need to be precise, and an internal test tank. This investment is in line with Aquila’s strategy to focus on their power catamaran models performance, quality standards, and continuing innovation to keep them at the forefront of the industry.

Only the best materials, resins, equipment, fabrics, and engine options are selected for Aquila. While these boats are built to withstand the constant use of being in a yacht charter program, the private owner versions are perfectly optimized to enhance your time on board. With innovation being one of the tenants of Aquila’s team, every model can be easily operated by the novice boater or appreciated for its ingenuity by the experienced yacht owner. A boating day on an Aquila is an experience unlike any monohull you’ve ever driven.

What Are the Benefits of a Power Catamaran?

Multi-hull boats, power catamarans in particular, have numerous benefits over monohulls and have been growing rapidly in popularity in recent years.

  1. Space – Easily the most noticeable attribute of a power catamaran is the amount of interior and exterior space in every part of the boat. From the expansive flybridge area to the massive salon, you and your guests have more room on a power catamaran than a monohull flybridge.
  2. Stability – The design of a catamaran hull limits the chance of rolling from the ocean swell, providing a smoother and more stable ride.
  3. Fuel Efficiency – Because power catamarans have narrow bow entries, there is less resistance, quicker planing, and less drag when it comes to performance. This results in better fuel efficiency than a monohull.
  4. Better in Shallow Water – Power Catamarans typically have less of a draft compared to monohulls, meaning your trip south from Canada to the Bahamas allows you to explore more of the islands in confidence.

What Makes Aquila Catamarans Special?

There are many reasons why Aquila owners have a high rate of satisfaction with their boats, but the small details that amount to better performance may be the most important. The patented Aquila Hydro Glide Fixed Foil is a transitioning foil that allows the boat to rise out of the water, or descend, based on its speed. It is bridged between both hulls. This results in higher speeds, better fuel efficiency, and a smoother ride.

On the larger Aquila models, a bulbous bow is also integrated into the hull. Not usually found on boats of this size, the bulbous bow modifies how water flows around the hull. This is another way that the design of the hull improves performance and efficiency. The bulbous bow also protects the hull from bearing the brunt of the front of the boat hitting an object.

Additionally, Aquila has invested heavily in on-site factory testing where every boat is thoroughly inspected and tested prior to shipping. There is even a “monsoon system” in the test tank that blasts high volumes of water across the entire boat, allowing the team to double-check for leaks, damage, and proper drainage.

How to Buy A New Aquila Catamaran

Marine 360 is your new Aquila Power Catamaran dealer for Eastern Canada. Our Aquila territory includes Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, and more. Currently own a boat? Our brokerage program consists of a comprehensive sales process that prices it accurately in the market, exposes it to the right buyers, and negotiates a strong sales price on your behalf.

We are your best resource for buying or selling a yacht in Canada. Our team of factory-trained Aquila experts can assist you in purchasing a new boat from inventory or designing your own. From selecting the right model, to choosing the perfect options and equipment, Marine 360 makes the entire experience easy for you. We look forward to helping you into the Aquila Power Catamaran of your dreams!