Galeon Dealer in Canada – Québec & Ontario

Quick Facts about Galeon Yachts

  1. Galeon Yachts are built at their shipyard in Gdansk, Poland.
  2. Galeon builds luxury cruising boats between 30 and 80-feet in length.
  3. There are 5 model ranges: GTO, Sport Cruiser, Hardtop, Flybridge, and Skydeck.
  4. The company was founded in 1982 and began exporting to North America in 2016.
  5. The Galeon shipyard has its own steel and aluminum division, as well as a furniture department.

With every boat they produce, Galeon Yachts aims to create something memorable and unique that will enhance your lifestyle on the water. From top quality construction and materials that focus on the minute details to the exquisite fabrics incorporated throughout the interior accommodations, every space on board a Galeon is a luxurious experience.

“Our clients have earned their lifestyle and their free time is extremely important to them,” says Vincent Piétracoup, Director of Marine 360. “Galeon Yachts is a perfect fit into a busy schedule as each model flawlessly whisks away your worries while out on the water and allows you to immerse yourself in the moments that matter. The designers at Galeon have done a magnificent job creating social spaces throughout the yacht that not only look incredible, but complement the environment surrounding you.”

Marine 360 is proud to be a dealer for Galeon Yachts in eastern Canada including Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, and surrounding areas.

325 GTO 375 GTO 400 FLY
410 HTC 425 HTS 440 FLY
450 HTC 470 SKYDECK 500 FLY
510 SKYDECK 560 FLY 640 FLY
800 FLY

Every Galeon model range has several core attributes that seamlessly blend together so that you are focused on having fun, rather than on the boat. Functionality, sociability, space, natural light, performance, and style are among the key characteristics integrated into every design. It is a big advantage to both the company and Galeon owners to have so much of the yacht constructed and completed right at the factory. For example, the steel and aluminum division uses technologically-advanced equipment to create parts in all shapes and sizes that withstand harsh ocean environments. Galeon employs the Tony Castro Yacht Design Firm, an industry-leading naval architect with over 500 designs completed. The end result is a highly-acclaimed yacht brand with multiple awards, including the European Powerboat of the Year award in 2022 for the 325 GTO.

What Types of Boats Does Galeon Yachts Make?

There are 5 different model ranges in the Galeon Yachts family, each with its own individual boating application and style. No matter what your level of experience is with owning a boat or your future travel ambitions, there is a model available that will meet your needs.

  1. The GTO series features a bowrider shape with the heart of a performance express cruiser. Both the 325 GTO and the 375 GTO have a stylish hardtop, large lower deck windows in the hull, and amenities on the main deck you will be shocked to find on a boat of this size. From large, comfortable sofas, to the confidence of joystick control, this is the ultimate weekender boat that can also double as an overnighter.
  2. The sports cruiser range begins at just under 30-feet with the 305 and extends all the way up to the 485 HTS. This is a traditional express cruiser design with some exciting and innovative improvements. The sport-like handling and performance is exhilarating for the captain, while everyone on board will appreciate the spacious living arrangement.
  3. The Galeon hardtop series is a variation of the sports cruiser range that extends from the 310 HTC to the 450 HTC. This model range features the innovative fold-down side terraces that increase your living space on board. Large glass sunroofs are found in the hardtop of every model in this range.
  4. The flybridge range is the largest of all the ranges with 10 Galeon models ranging from the 300 FLY to the 800 FLY, clearly offering solutions for every type of boater. It’s hard to beat the advantages of a flybridge from the elevated views, increased entertainment space, and the fun factor of driving your yacht from the upper helm.
  5. The Galeon Skydeck range is a blend of the popular flybridge models and the express yachts. Also known as a sport bridge, the truncated flybridge area provides a similar experience while keeping with the sleek, powerful appeal of the sport cruiser line.

What Sets Galeon Apart From The Competition?

Beginning with the Galeon shipyard, it becomes clear that, while this started as a family-owned operation in Poland, it has grown to one of the most elite, sophisticated production shipyards in the world. The two Galeon factories combined employ over 12,000 people in nearly 115,000 square feet of production space with the latest in technology available through the process.

“Every detail in the construction of a Galeon boat is handled the absolutely best way possible,” continued Vincent. All of the components are made in house for an extreme level of quality control and efficiency. They’ve combined the artisan quality of handmade craftsmanship with the latest CNC machinery, highest quality materials, and equipment on board. Galeon Yachts offer models that are capable of comfortably cruising from Canada down to the Bahamas during the winter or even taking on The Great Loop. If you’re looking for the right luxury boating experience without many of the hassles of today’s production shipyards, Galeon is an incredible option that can be mostly customized to your taste and style.”

How to Buy a New Galeon Yacht

Marine 360 is your new Galeon dealer for Eastern Canada. Our Galeon territory includes Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, and more. Currently own a boat? Our brokerage program consists of a comprehensive sales process that prices it accurately in the market, exposes it to the right buyers, and negotiates a strong sales price on your behalf.

We are your best resource for buying or selling a yacht in Canada. Our team of factory-trained Galeon experts can assist you in purchasing a new boat from inventory or designing your own. From selecting the right model, to choosing the perfect options and equipment, Marine 360 makes the entire experience easy for you. We look forward to helping you into the Galeon Yacht of your dreams!