The unique and rewarding experience of sailing on a luxury vessel is now easier and more accessible than ever before, thanks to Marine 360’s turnkey yacht sharing program. By investing in a fractional yacht ownership program, you get to enjoy all of the benefits of the yachting lifestyle without the hassles. The average yacht owner only uses their vessel a handful of days every year, while the rest of the time it remains unused at the dock. What if you could still use it those days, but share the costs with other select families?

Marine 360’s yacht share program handles all of the maintenance of your boat, along with storage, detailing, expenses and organization.

Fractional Ownership Opportunity: 2024 Aquila 44

By co-owning and sharing the maintenance costs of a $1.6 million Aquila 44 Yacht, you can enjoy the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of at a fraction of the price.

Become the owner of 16% of this vessel and enjoy 8 weeks per year for $185,000 USD.

Share Purchasing cost Usage Maintenance fee
16% $250,000 CAD 8 weeks $2,000 CAD/month
32% $520,000 CAD 16 weeks $4,000 CAD/month

Should you desire an extended experience, Marine360 presents an opportunity to acquire a 32% share of the boat for $520,000 CAD. As for maintaining the yacht, a monthly fee of $2,000 CAD per 16% ownership portion is applicable. These fees cover all essential expenses for the Aquila 44’s seamless operation, encompassing mechanical upkeep, thorough boat cleaning, and marina expenses, among other necessities.

Whether it’s for entertaining guests or safe navigation, the memories created aboard your private yacht are priceless. Your turnkey yacht share experience is fully managed by our team. You are free to sell your share of the yacht at any time with advanced notice and as long as the other shareholders have not booked the same day.

Yearly mooring locations

Embark on year-round adventures with the Aquila 44 Yacht, stationed at three fantastic locations: Nassau, Florida, and the Hamptons. What’s even better? Marine360 takes care of all the logistics, ensuring smooth transportation and mooring for your catamaran, allowing you to fully relish the sailing experience.

  1. Cost- Effective – Enjoy shared acquisition and maintenance costs without compromise.
  2. Turnkey – Benefit from personalized management service. Receive periodic account statements and rigorous maintenance tracking for the vessel.
  3. Flexibility – You are free to sell your ownership share at any time to the highest bidder
  4. Resale Value – Your boat will be used more regularly, which means it will be better maintained and retain its value longer.
  5. Assistance – A list of experienced captains can provide assistance when needed.
  6. Docking Locations – We offer secure, diverse, and interesting mooring locations in Florida, the Bahamas, and the Hamptons.

Why the Aquila 44 Yacht?

Born from innovation and experience, the luxurious Aquila 44 power catamaran is a global leader in its class. Designed to be both a long-distance cruising yacht and a highly user-friendly platform, Aquila’s highly experienced design and engineering team created the 44 Yacht to optimize performance. Its configuration and natural features make it a spacious, reliable, easy-to-maintain vessel that is exciting to maneuver.

Powered by two 320 HP Volvo Penta diesel engines, the vessel is capable of traveling over 1,000 nautical miles, with the power to reach speeds of over 22 knots when necessary. The engines are quiet, and the bulbous bows at the front of the vessel increase buoyancy and reduce the impact of waves on the hull. Passengers can enjoy greater comfort even in challenging weather conditions.

With a keen attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of boating, this design offers outdoor and indoor spaces that cater to occupants’ needs. A staircase from the upper deck to the foredeck provides safe and easy access to the anchor compartment and forward cleats during anchoring or docking, while promoting a friendly atmosphere between passengers and the captain. Wide passages and safety handrails further demonstrate Aquila’s commitment to owners’ comfort and safety.

The main deck features a fully equipped kitchen and an open bar for lively evenings in a festive atmosphere with friends. Additionally, co-owners can benefit from an auxiliary vessel for practical travel or for exploring the coast and engaging in water activities.

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