When it comes to cruising across the scenic waters of Québec and Ontario in Canada, Aquila Boats emerge as the power catamaran leader in terms of stability, innovation, and maritime excellence. These regions, renowned for their breathtaking beauty, find a perfect companion in Aquila’s groundbreaking yacht designs. 

Aquila’s ingenious engineering, spotlighted by the distinctive bulbous bow and expanded hulls, represents a paradigm shift in yachting. The bulbous bow’s design, like the one seen on a much larger commercial vessel, isn’t just a visual statement; it’s a game-changer, reducing pitching motion and ensuring a smoother sail across varying conditions. This innovation enhances not only stability, but also efficiency, making Aquila Catamarans the ideal choice for long-range navigation across the diverse waters of Québec and Ontario. 

In the serene waterways of Québec, where the St. Lawrence River weaves through picturesque landscapes, Aquila’s prowess becomes evident. The bulbous bow’s ability to mitigate motion instills confidence, while the widened hulls provide ample space for storage and luxurious living quarters. Aquila effortlessly embodies the spirit of adventure on these Canadian waters, offering a unique blend of stability and comfort. 

Ontario’s Great Lakes serve as the ultimate playground for Aquila Catamarans. As these yachts gracefully sail across Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, and beyond, their stability remains unwavering. Aquila’s design, meticulously crafted for enduring voyages, promises a secure and enjoyable experience amidst the grandeur of Ontario’s Great Lakes. 

Beyond stability and endurance, Aquila Catamarans redefines yachting luxury. The spacious, thoughtfully designed interiors cater to every comfort and desire, creating an inviting haven for exploration and relaxation. Whether navigating through Québec’s charming ports or admiring the majesty of Ontario’s Great Lakes, Aquila promises an unmatched yachting experience. 

In essence, Aquila Catamarans represent the height of yachting sophistication in Québec and Ontario, showcasing stability, innovation, and an irresistible appeal for long-range adventures. These vessels shine brightly amid Canada’s breathtaking waters, inviting enthusiasts to experience exceptional journeys aboard Aquila’s impeccably designed yachts. 


Featured Model For Cruising The Great Lakes: The Aquila 44 Yacht 

Easy to handle without a captain, the Aquila 44 Yacht offers freedom on the water combined with the space, storage, entertainment areas, and stable performance that you expect from a luxury catamaran. Featuring a 3-cabin, 3-head layout, the Aquila 44 is wonderfully equipped with the very best navigational equipment for your boating journey, including Raymarine GPS and radar. The extensive flybridge takes full advantage of the boat’s 21’ 6” beam, giving you and your guests the perfect balcony to enjoy the shorelines of Canada’s most prolific lakes and waterways. 


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